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Monday January 2, 2012

Today (Sept. 8th, 2011) is the 45th anniversary of the original STAR TREK’s premiere on NBC.

STAR TREK was my springboard into almost everything as a boy (sans comics), and is still my favorite of all the franchise. None of the other Trek series ever resonated with me as much at the classic series did. As a boy, I drew in my Big Chief notebook a variety of self imagined Star Trek adventures, with myself as captain. It was what got me into science fiction books, movies and eventually into real science and astronomy. Even today, when I see the image of the U.S.S. Enterprise, it invokes in me all that is science fiction.

It was my gateway drug, so to speak … but I digress. ;)

Some of my best memories from my childhood involve me playing STAR TREK with someone … usually my buddy, Billy Byers. He had a shirt that looked like Captain Kirk’s tunic, and always had a quick wit (especially for an 8 year old). His command presence was awesome, even though he was a bit too tubby to keep his pants up when we ran from the monsters.

I was usually Spock, and to this day I attribute my fine improvisational skills on Billy’s totally spontaneous, out of the blue call of “What do you make of it, Spock?”, of which I had to conjure up SOMETHING menacing and evil. The universe was encapsulated in his huge back yard, and we would boldly go where no two boys had gone before that afternoon.

Billy is gone now, and I hold these memories dear, as both a tribute to Billy Byers and to my love of STAR TREK.

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